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Horizontal Floor Boring   Quality Control

Horizontal Floor Boring


Quality Control

Company Unit   Fitting Shop
Company Unit
Fitting Shop
Fitting Shop  
Fitting Shop

INSPECTION: Our qualified technicians are fully responsible for the trouble free service of each and every BURMAN Power Press which is thoroughly checked and put on trial run to test its accuracy. The precision and accuracy of the machines depends upon the machines like boring and surface grinder which enable our technicians to achieve their targets.
The alignment and accuracy of BURMAN presses are hold to closer than industry standard. This is accomplished by skilled craftsmen, each with his own identifying hallmark, who hand- scrape every component to the master gages so that it is true within itself. When the components are assembled, the accuracy is again checked and any minor adjustments are made. the pride of individual workmanship adds to the designed and inspected quality of every BURMAN Press.